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UPSC CSE 2010 : Vacancies for Physically Disabled Persons

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The eligibility for availing reservation against the vacancies reserved for the physically disabled persons shall be the same as prescribed in “The Persons with Disability (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995″.

Provided further that the physically disabled candidates shall also be required to meet special eligibility criteria in terms of physical requirements functional classification (abilities disbailities) consistent with requirements of the identified service/post as may be prescribed by its cadre controlling authority.

IFS 2010 Exam

The physical requirement and functional classification can, for example, be one or more of the following:

Code    Physical Requirements

F       1.Work performed by manipulating (with Fingers)

PP     2. Work performed by pulling & pushing

L       3. Work performed by lifting

KC    4. Work performed by kneeling and crouching

B       5. Work performed by bending

S       6. Work performed by sitting (on bench or chair)

ST     7. Work performed by standing

W     8. Work performed by walking

SE     9. Work performed by seeing

H     10. Work performed by hearing/speaking

RW  11. Work performed by reading and writing.

Code         Functional Classification

BL             1. both legs affected but not arms

BA             2. both arms affected
a. impaired reach
b. weakness of grip.
c. ataxic

BLA           3. both legs and both arms affected.

OL             4. one leg affected (R or L)
a. impaired reach
b. weakness of grip
c. ataxic

OA             5. one arm affected (R or L) – do -

BH             6. stiff back and hips (cannot sit or stoop).

MW           7. muscular weakness and limited physical endurance.

B                8. the blind

PB             9. partially blind

D             10. the deaf

PD           11. partially deaf.

Note: Above lists are only illustrative

Source: upsc.gov.in

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